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Sell Your Used, Old Or Broken Device Online!

Don’t want all the hassles of selling your old laptop online? Try us. See how much we will pay for your device.

Selling online might sound daunting at first. Shipping, waiting, funds transfer… We know! Being in business since 2013, we have purchased thousands of various gadgets including laptops and tablets. We perfected the process, making it quick and easy along the way.


Where You Can Sell Your Old Device

At a gadget buyback recycling site like

These sites calculate the price based on the model, release year, and condition. The price is slightly lower than what you would get by selling it yourself, but with that comes the ease of the process, quick transaction, and no overhead costs. You can expect to get up to 80% of the original retail price for newer models.


Sites like eBay, Swappa, and Amazon offer a wide market of consumers with great demand for used laptops and gadgets. Pros: highest cash for your laptop. Cons: time to advertise, packing, and shipping costs afterward.

At our service center

Bring your laptop, desktop, or phone to our warehouse. We will inspect and evaluate your gadget. If you choose to proceed, we will issue the payment immediately.

Sell it Yourself

If you don’t want all the overhead of online sales, pull out your phone, snap a few pictures, scribble a quick description, and list it on LetGo, OfferUp, or Facebook marketplace. Craigslist is another option. Pros: no shipping. Cons: need to meet up with prospective buyers.

Why Choose Us?

If you have no time for snapping pictures, writing an appealing description, and then listing it yourself, give us a try. We offer a pleasant, quick, and hassle-free transaction. We also cover shipping costs and guarantee instant payment once we receive and evaluate the device or devices.

Don't forget to check our customer satisfaction feedback on our site as well as at Google reviews. We have been buying gadgets for years!”

Fast Cash

Get your cash as soon as the same day we receive your device


Fast Cash?

We understand that people crave the convenience of brick-and-mortar stores. Especially now when many businesses move their operations online. Fast cash and easy transactions are our top priorities. We strive to match the convenience of a brick-and-mortar store while offering the ease of online transactions.

Quick Turnaround

Processing and evaluation take no more than two business days


Quick Turnaround

In a tech era of lightning-fast internet, people expect instant deliveries even within transactions that involve old fashioned shipping. We strive to make it real and thus bound only by shipping time.

Free Shipping

Shipping is on us. The carrier of your choice is available.


Free Shipping

For your convenience, we provide a free shipping label( FedEx or UPS ). Emailed to you upon quote completion, it frees you from hassles of shipping. Simply print it out, stick to the box and drop it off at any FedEx or UPS location

TOP Selling Laptop Brands

TOP Selling Models

LG PC 29V950 Intel Core i7

FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer 3D-FFG-ADV3LT

Acer Predator G5910

Apple MacBook A1534 Intel Core i5 512GB

Dell Inspiron 3647

IView Megatron II 2-in-1

Eluktronics OMEN 15t Intel i7-9750H RTX 2060

Sell Safely

Online trade always involved risk. Gimmicky websites and loud headlines always promised more than they could deliver. It’s usually hard to decide whether to trust a site solely on its appearance.

That’s why we always pursued customer satisfaction. Reflected on the Better Business Bureau, our perfect score clearly sends our message.


Why Should You Trust Us?

Numerous gadget purchasing businesses online make too many promises. I narrowed it down to just a few, which we fulfill with every customer.

We have repaired and recycled thousands of gadgets and yours wouldn’t be an exception. We have the quickest turnaround on the market. We pay top cash and we do so promptly.



Devices recycled



Happy Customers



Customer Rating

Good Deeds
We have repaired and recycled thousands of laptops and other gadgets
Customer Satisfaction
We have a nearly perfect BBB rating
We have the quickest turnaround
We pay top cash for yor gadgets!


The army of satisfied customers is on our side. We strive to excel in what we do and that is reflected in the customer feedback we receive regularly. People trust us for a reason. We would love to earn your trust as well.

We proudly retain more than 75% of our customers turning them into returning "sellers". Our mission is to proudly fill the gap of used laptops market and regular consumers who prefer to quickly sell their laptops while avoiding hassle and delays.

I didn't believe someone was going to buy my old laptop, but these guys made an offer I couldn't resist. I ran a quick search online and other sites failed to match their offer. Don't waste your time, go with cashitused.

Dr. Coleman

Phoenix, AZ, 85002

I couldn't sell my laptop using LetGo and craigslist, but these guys offered pretty good price that I didn't expect. I agreed and within a week got my money.

John Drumbler

Boston, MA, 02111

Very easy and efficient. I received a fair price and got the money quickly upon them receiving my laptop.

Doreen Levin

Cooper City, FL, 33026

Thanks for taking care of my old laptop and being prompt with payment. A fair price and quick turnaround. Highly recommend them.

Abriya Grasker

Columbia, MT, 65201

We all upgraded our laptops this year. Not knowing what to do with our old machines, we contacted cashitused and they gave us a fair price. Once they received our machines, the original quote went down by $15 because I specified the wrong model. But I will take the blame and after all we're very happy.

Luke Germanium

Stamford, CT, 06907

They received my laptop in 2 days and I received my payment the same day. Highly recommend them. Very reliable and honest.

David K.

Bloomfield, CT, 06002

I had to sell my smartphone ASAP. A quick search online showed a few ways to do it. I decided to go with these guys and never regretted it. They are reliable and honest. Highly recommend.

Ryan Gigs

Aiea, HI, 96701

Choose PayPal option. I have sold several gadgets and PayPal payments were instant while their company check took 3 days to arrive. Everything else was good though.

Maria Gonzales

Sandy, UT, 84070

The quote submission was quick. The original estimate remained throughout the transaction which only took a week in total.

Fred Mason

Denver, CO, 80014

The quote was fair and I received my money within a week.

Andrew Hopkins

San Francisco, CA, 94126

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