How It Works

Steps to Sell Your Laptop

Step 1

The process of selling your laptop or other gadgets to is relatively simple.

Find your laptop brand and model in the search bar or the dropdown on the front page of our website. Then hit the “Get a Quote" button to see our price.

Step 2

Here you can see the price for your device. No strings attached, assuming there are no issues with your gadget.

Specify the condition and answer a few questions about the missing accessories, broken screen, or failing hard drive.

Step 3

Fill out the contact form and select the preferred shipping carrier. Then select the preferred payment method.

Agree to our Terms of Service and hit the “submit” button.

Once you submit the form, we will email you the shipping label. Simply print it out, attach it to the box and drop it off at the nearest FedEx or UPS location.

NOTE: Repeat the steps for every device you wish to sell. Watch the video below for visual instructions.

Supplies You Will Need to Sell and Ship Your Gadgets to Us

Watch the video on how to properly package your laptop.

Supplies you'll need:

  • Bubble wrap or similar padding material to prevent any damages during shipping

  • A box with a snug fit for your gadgets. Fill all the free space with bubble wrap or similar filler.

  • Clear tape. Both the bubble wrap and the box need to be taped.

  • The prepaid shipping we emailed you earlier. Print it out on a letter sized paper

In case you can't find your gadget, submit a custom quote or contact us. We will sort it out.

Packaging and Shipping Your Gadgets

  • Package your laptop like you're sending it across the world

  • Excessive padding for extra safety will never hurt

  • Use a box with at least a 2" air gap between the laptop and the box in all directions

  • Fill the air gap with packing popcorn, bubble wrap, or similar protective material

  • Bubble wrap your laptop and use protective popcorn to fill in the free space

  • If you still have the original box for your gadget, use it.

  • Remove the battery from the laptop and wrap it in bubble wrap using the packing tape to seal it. Wrap any accessories the same way.

  • Wrap the laptop in a double layer of bubble wrap

  • Lay the bubble-wrapped items in the box. Fill any extra space around the laptop and accessories with packing peanuts.

  • Close the box lid and secure it with the packing tape. Tape up all open edges too. For extra security retape the bottom of the box.

  • Drop off the package at the chosen carrier