About Us

We Make Your Used Laptop Happy by Heaving it Back to the Market

Hi, we are gadget geeks who try to resurrect and refurbish every gadget we could get our hands on. Since 2013 we have processed more than 40,000 laptops, desktops, tablets, and other gadgets. We have thousands of happy customers and a nearly perfect BBB score.

Like many conscious people, we couldn’t just watch the electronics being thrown into a landfill without stepping in. The market is flooded with electronics and this trend is rising faster than ever before. We knew how to fill the gap between the consumers with their old devices and the used-gadgets market. By trying to extend the life of used devices we aimed to reduce the turnover of gadgets on the tech market.

Innovative designs, better specs, and new features lure consumers into upgrading their devices. While we don’t discourage them from doing so, proper disposal of their used gadgets through us not only makes them a buck but prevents landfill pollution.

Why You Should Choose to Sell Your Gadget to Us?

Many gadget purchasing sites overpromise and underdeliver. We narrowed down our promises to a few, which we fulfill with every customer:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Prompt payment

  • Free shipping and in some cases shipping supplies

  • Any condition is acceptable

  • Experience of a brick-and-mortar store

We have repaired and recycled thousands of gadgets and yours wouldn’t be an exception. With the fastest turnaround on the market, we pay top cash and we do so promptly. In the technological era, the word of mouth is as powerful as never before. We will never risk smearing our reputation to get an extra penny.

What We Do With Your Device

To extend the life of your device and avoid polluting the planet with more plastic, we strive to refurbish and resell the gadget for further exploitation. We distribute to businesses and individuals. If we are unable to refurbish, we disassemble the device to sell the individual parts and to responsibly recycle the remaining parts. Nothing ends up in a landfill!

Recyclable components are sent to recycling facilities where they can be used in the manufacturing of other products. We properly dispose of the batteries at the appropriate waste facilities because they contain many hazardous materials, including heavy metals and acids. If not discarded properly, batteries can cause serious environmental harm.

In What Condition We Accept Gadgets at CashItUsed?

The condition of your gadget affects the quote, but we don’t have a floor. Your device could have:

  • Shattered LCD screen

  • Crushed keyboard

  • Dented back cover

  • Scraped touchpad

  • Scratched bottom case

  • Swollen battery

  • Failing solid-state drive

  • Bad RAM

  • Loose DC power jack

But in reckoning the value of your gadget, we don’t just subtract the cost of broken parts. Instead, we go off of what we can reuse and give you the best price possible. Various factors affect the amount:

  • Overall condition

  • Liquidability of the brand

  • Presence of the accessories

  • The popularity of the model

The best way to know for sure is to fill out a quick quote.

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