Repair Broken VS New Laptop

The laptops are very important part of people's life. You cannot find a machine to work forever and ever. So, if your laptop is broken, the first thing that comes to your mind is repairing it. It's common for the laptops MOBO to go bad after years of service. Fortunately your laptop parts can live more than one life and more then one laptop. Whether they continue a life as spare part or become the subject of a DIY tech project, you can get a lot of extra value out of your old hardware. And at the very least you can give a broken laptop to a recycling facility that will recover valuable materials like gold, copper, aluminum, and many more that every laptop surely contains. Do you want to know what to do with a broken motherboard? Before, it will be useful to see which parts you can easily extract on your own and re-use in one way or the other?

fix broken laptop motherboard

Take Laptop to Pieces

Laptops consist of a standard set of parts, which every manufacturer composes in a unique way. That is why it is almost impossible to give general advice on how to remove specific parts. And it's often pointless to stock up on old parts for future use, as they won't fit into newer laptop models. Of course, you can find a video about the valuables hidden inside a laptop and how to access them. The idea is simple, but the procedure isn't. Before you get the answer for what to do with a broken motherboard you should take it out of your machine. The process isn't difficult, but it is extremely tedious. There's a lot of stuff stacked on top of the motherboard. Be careful to get them all out.

How to remove laptop motherboard MOBO:
  • Peel off the panel covering the machine's power buttons
  • Unscrew, unplug and remove the keyboard
  • Disconnect the laptop's screen and WiFi antennas
  • Take out the screen anchors
  • Remove the entire screen, the WiFi radios, the hard drive, the CD drive, and the RAM
  • Crack open the chassis
  • Uninstall a PCI-Express card reader and a freaking modem of all things
  • Peel off cooling fans and heat-sinks
  • Carefully remove the CPU
  • Laptop Motherboard Repair

One of the worst things that can happen to your laptop is the motherboard failure often resulting into laptop motherboard repair. If the motherboard is damaged and it is impossible to repair it you would definitely need to consider buying a new laptop. This is of course necessary as the motherboard of a laptop is very expensive and not covered by a warranty, so the better option would be to buy a new laptop. Who can tell you what to do with a broken laptop motherboard? Of course you should ask for the professional advice of special laptop service company if you are zero in laptop repairing. Experienced technician can check the laptop condition and name the price for reparation. Then decide to repair it on your own, professionally or buy a new machine. But before you reach to the conclusion, thoroughly assess the motherboard damage. For you need to decide between two options laptop motherboard repair vs a new laptop. Your laptop can talk, don't you know about it?

Signs of motherboard failure:

  • You have switched on the computer being indicated by the lighted fan also starts to spin. But there is complete black- out on the computer screen with the hard drive not working within 10- 15 sec.
  • The initial start up functions appear like indicative light, fan and hard drive sound, but disappears after a while i.e. 5 or less minutes.
  • A high pitched sound comes from the laptop when you press ON button.
  • When you have switched on the computer nothing happens.
  • Motherboard Failure: WHY?
There are many reasons why a laptop's motherboard would fail. There are typical situations that cause the motherboard breakage. But some common and often unlooked corners include:
  • Electric and voltage fluctuations
  • Dust particles, smoke, laptops age
  • Fan failure often causing overheating issues
  • Crash or physical damage
broken-laptop-motherboard mobo

Even the signs of motherboard failure mentioned above needs to be looked into, there are some exceptions to be looked when checking for laptop motherboard damage and they include:

The black screen could be an indication of a possible backlight problem. In-between the hinges there is a button which acts as an on/off switch for the laptop's backlight. This buttons automatically get switched off when the lid is closed. However, sometimes it gets stuck. Therefore first pull the laptop's lid back and forth, if it is still the same then take a pin, find the switch and gently tap it. If even this doesn't work, possible you need a laptop motherboard repair.

If your laptops get switched on for a few seconds and then dies out, it could be due to battery being exhausted. Let's try the following: first connect it to the power outlet and then switch it on. Also check for connection cables, if it is still not works there could be two reasons. First your adapter might have been damaged, get it checked. If that's not the case then the possible failure could indicate a laptop motherboard repair. At last, resetting the RAM and CMOS or updating the BIOS could save you from motherboard laptop repair.

There is a good advice: if you're not the expert in laptop hardware, but you know your motherboard has failed or still have doubts about it, try to go for a professional Motherboard Laptop Repair or other service company. There is an important detail, if the laptop model is out of date and you cannot find a new component for replacement now, you should think of trading your laptop by parts. It helps to save as much money as you can to buy something new. If your laptop motherboard can be repaired quickly and cheap (if it happens) you can try, but keep in mind that repaired detail is not new detail. It wouldn't serve you for ages. So, you may start to save money for a new machine from now!

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