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Your old laptop may be hopelessly junky or still in good shape, but no matter what, you should never just throw an old electronic device in the trash. You should sell laptop back for recycle. In the world there are millions of toxins inside computers that seriously hurt the environment. From the other hand, there are many ways to sell your laptop back and get cash for it. Remember, throwing away even a broken device is basically throwing away money! If you know what you're doing, you can either sell your old laptops for cash or donate them to a good cause. Below are three ways to go about it.


Trade Your Laptop for Cash

Many retailers offer trade-in programs that give you cash for your old devices. Various trade-in deals allow you to exchange old phones, laptops, video games and more for a Target gift card. Thus, Amazon will pay you for your old laptop. Best Buy gives you a chance to trade in-store or by mail for gift cards toward your trade up. If you send your old products to online Recycling Program and they're still worth something, you'll get a gift card with the amount of what your laptop is still worth.

You can sell not only laptops and smartphones, but everything, including old video games and consoles to smartphones and tablets. Just bring them in or send to the retailer and you'll get a quote that you can put toward the purchase of something new at the site, put on a gift card, or carry out in cash.

Steps To Sell Laptop Back yourself:

  1. Go to eBay/Amzon and find laptop model you have
  2. Once you know the price you want to sell it for take the picture
  3. On eBay click "sell simulare" item
  4. Upload your picture and add the description
  5. List your laptop with the cash price you want to get for it.
  6. Once your laptop sold, ship it to the buyer ASAP

If your laptop is still in good working order and you want to get a nice chunk of change out of it, you still get good money for it and you should go sell it on Craigslist, Amazon or eBay.

Pros and Cons to each of these sites?

Craigslist is hyper-local and may require you to meet face-to-face with prospective buyers, while eBay and Amazon are global but take a portion of your profits and can be complicated to navigate. If you can't decide between them, you don't have to. You can easily post your items on all sites and selling it to your best offer.

You'll be surprised how your nine-year-old laptop with a cracked case and a dead hard drive probably still has valuable parts inside. The value of a used item varies greatly depending on condition, age, and current market price, but it is usually worth investigating. If you want to get the maximum value, you will always do best by selling it on your own. Everything is simple.

There is always a risk. For some, easy, risk-free selling outweighs the need to get the absolute best price, and for those, the best option is a direct-buy used electronics site. You can find a lot of sites like Gazelle, Amazon, and many more trusted electronics buy-back programs. After they receive your item, they evaluate it and send payment. This is the easiest way to sell old laptop back.

Donate Your Old Laptop

It's not a problem to donate old laptops and phones to women or kids shelters. There are many schools, churches and non-profits that are happy to have your used laptop. How about donating your old tablets, laptops and desktops? If you've got electronics to get rid of and want to help make the world a better place, consider donating to one of these causes. If you prefer local donating, just call to any school, shelters and non-profits in your area; many of them likely take old electronics as donations, and you'll be directly helping the community around you.


If your Laptop Broken or Old

Most electronics retailers offer free recycling services for electronics that aren't safe for environment if you just throw it away. There are also recycling stands inside every large store. This is a place, where you can drop off old batteries, ink and toner cartridges, wires, cords and cables. Old phones, tablets and laptops can be brought to the Customer Service desk where they will be recycled safely. They takes the most of old electronics with few exceptions, but if you're worried yours won't be accepted, try to check it beforehand.

Maybe you had a mobile data service connected with your old iPad, or maybe you're switching from an Xbox to a PS4 and don't need that Xbox Live Gold membership anymore. You don't want to be paying monthly fees for something you're not using, so make sure you cancel any subscriptions or services you don't need on your new devices.

Some Tips before Selling Laptop Back

Back up your data and then delete everything.

If you're planning on re-selling or donating your old devices, it's important you take some time to save any important stuff, like photos, passwords, contacts and music that you want to keep. Once you've backed up all this info or transferred it to your new devices, wipe the old ones completely clean. Of course, you don't want the new owner of your old phone to be able to see all the weird pictures you took in the bathroom at work, and you REALLY don't want someone to have easy access to your bank or social media accounts. Usually, people keep a lot of sensitive information on their phones, tablets and computers that could get them into trouble if it fell into the wrong hands. Just don't forget to protect your personal. Clean your old laptop before selling it.

Everyone choose his best. There are many variants to sell laptop back to make it bring some profit to you. Just look! You may trade your laptop online with no efforts to professional retailer or put some efforts and use Amazon help. Don't forget about donation and recycling. Anyway, it is much better than leaving your old device to get dust in the drawer.

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