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If you try to unpack and declutter at your house, you can find a couple of old electronic devices. A couple of them may be still working but unused. One of them can be in a good working condition but has a cracked screen. Actually, the situation can be rather different but you feel like you need to find a shop or internet platform to buy back old laptops. Let's see if you could get any money out of them.

Popular Places To Buy Back Old Laptops

If you're looking for a place to sell or trade your device, there are plenty of places ready to buy back your old laptops. Why not? This is your chance to make some extra cash or get free gift cards in return.

Sell Your Old Laptop Back in Minutes

Here is how buy back old laptops works:

Here are the top places that you will surely find where you can sell your old, unused or broken devices.

  1. Amazon Trade-In program

    Ship your old laptops or other items, not only electronics, to Amazon and receive Amazon gift cards in return. Not typically the biggest return on your money but you can use this card to buy something new.

  2. Craigslist

    Sell locally to people on Craigslist who want to see the device in person before buying. In some cases that can mean a higher price, although more hassle.

  3. eBay

    Sell your item at auction and pay listing and final value fees. Everything is not that bad! You can sell everything even things that are broken. Some items like TVs can be sold for parts, remotes, etc as well. Just be careful of scammers.

  4. Facebook For Sale platforms

    A relatively new phenomenon is the Facebook yard sale group. Most local areas that are big enough will have at least one or two local sale groups where you can connect with others and either buy or sell your item to other Facebook users. You can meet people or ship your laptop by all means.

  5. Decluttr

    This is a fast, easy and free way to sell and buy laptops and other gadgets. Fast next day payments for your Apple and Android phones, game consoles and other technology items. You can even sell your old Legos, anything you are not going to use anymore.

  6. SellBroke

    You should know this US's largest price comparison site for selling old mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. You can compare the prices, laptop brands, technical characteristics available in the used market, saving the user the time of visiting lots of other websites to get the best deal for an old device. They guarantee that the user will always get the maximum cash when selling an old device on and offer users a Best Price Guarantee – if they spot a higher price on another site, they will refund the customer double the difference.

  7. UpTrade offers a minimum price guarantee for your cell phone. They are different because they help sell your used cell phone on multiple marketplaces so you get maximum value for what your phone is actually worth. If they sell your phone higher than the minimum price guarantee, they will issue a second cash payment. They accept any phone in any condition including broken or cracked phones. SPECIAL OFFER: UpTrade is currently waiving all fees for a limited time making it the highest offer you'll find for selling your used phone

  8. CashItUsed is one of the leading e-commerce companies that buys and sells pre-owned consumer electronics. They will take your used smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even desktops. CashItUsed will pay by check, Gift Cards or PayPal.

  9. SellMeLaptop

    Sell your iPhone, Macbook or Android device with a well rated buyer. They have the best rating among the buy-back companies. You should wait for your payment within 2 days.

  10. LaptopNuts

    They'll buy back your Laptops, iPhones, iPads, all-in-one's and a host of other electronics. The process is very simple. Find the your laptop, answer a few questions, send it and get some cash back same business day they get it.

  11. QuickSell

    QuickSell is an online trade-in website that offers competitive prices for used, cracked, and broken laptops, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. They offer multiple payment options, quick payouts, and free shipping on all orders.

  12. OCBuyBack

    Sell your used or broken iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Phones even MacBooks, laptops. They are ready to give you a bigger payout for your useless devices. Besides, you get free shipping and fast payment via check or paypal.

  13. SellLaptopBack

    SellLaptopBack pays cash for your old laptops, cell phones and a wide variety of other electronics. SellLaptopBack makes the process of selling quick and simple with free shipping and speedy payment. Want extra cash? You can get an extra $5 to your order if you could find and use promo code on their website.

  14. Glyde

    Sell your games, iPads, iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets, old laptops and more. Just search for your item on their site, list it, and then ship your item when it sells using the pre-paid label Glyde provides. Get paid 3 days after delivery to the buyer. This is not a long wait, indeed.

  15. SellShark

    Sell your Apple products, everything from Apple TV and Apple Watch devices to broken iPods.

Selling your old laptop can take a little bit of work, especially if you're trying to get top dollar for them. It pays to look around, get quotes at a few different sites, and see what you can get for them. Do you want an advice? Don't be lazy to check prices on different trade platforms! It can happen that the average selling prices for you old device on eBay is about $25, but if sell on Amazon will bring in closer to $50.

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