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It often happens that you are going to sell your old laptop and still waiting for the right time:
When is the best time for getting cash for my laptop?
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When to Cash My Laptop?

Laptop prices tend to peak between late spring through to late Summer because there isn't much going on at that time, at least in terms of sales events or new product releases. If timed well, you could even sell for higher than you first bought!

Over the past few years, laptops have become the "de facto" computer of choice for nearly everyone. But that doesn't mean they are the right choice for everyone. Here we take a look at some reasons why you can't actually sell laptop and why it might actually be a sub-optimal purchase for everyone. Because, when it comes to selling laptop it is better to explore the question deeply from both sides, seller and buyer.

Cash My Laptop

Why People Buy Laptops?

Before we dive into alternatives, let's take a moment to understand why people buy laptops. The biggest advantages they have over desktops are their weight, size, and portability. A typical modern laptop might weigh between 4 to 9 pounds, and it's easy enough to carry it in your bag and take with you wherever you go.

And what are people actually using their laptops for? The vast majority fall into one of a few broad categories: music production, video and film editing, word processing, gaming, passive entertainment, and so on. However, laptops are not the best choice for any one of these categories. So that, selling a laptop, put an adequate price and remember about all possible alternatives people have on a market of gadgets.

For Portability: Tablets

In general, they are cheaper than laptops, they are lightweight, they are more portable and designed for use while on the move. Also, tablets can perform the vast majority of functions that a laptop user would need to undertake while traveling. So, be careful and try to put an adequate price for your used laptop, drawing customers' attention to your product.

For Productivity: Desktops

If people need to be productive while traveling, they can buy a plug-in keyboard for tablet and use one of the myriad office productivity apps available in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If they plan on getting an extended amount of work done, however, they're likely to do this from home or office, and for that they should use a desktop.

Value: Desktops are much more cost-effective than laptops, mainly because laptop parts have higher prices due to the extra trouble of miniaturization. With a desktop, you can get more power for the same price.

Ergonomics: Laptops place a strain on your neck, wrists, and back. The keyboards are smaller and you end up hunched over the screen. On a desktop, the display is at eye level and you can use whatever keyboard is most comfortable for you.

Screen Size: No laptop screen can match the size of a desktop monitor. From a productivity perspective, a more screen estate means more windows on screen and less app switching.

Desktops also have the advantage in terms of overheating (better air ventilation), upgrading (easier to add new components), and dedicated graphics cards. It makes them perfect for gamers. Of course, we know you can access Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube from your laptop, but that means you're either a) watching the video on a small screen, or b) messing around with HDMI cables and balancing your laptop in awkward positions on your TV stand.

One way or another, when it comes to portability, laptop wins the battle. This is a laptop option you should focus on when cashing your laptop.

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Good Reasons to Buy a Laptop

As you can see, for most people it's easy to remove laptops from their life altogether. All that's necessary is a willingness to take the plunge. Despite that, laptops still have many benefits you should focus on when selling, especially over tablets. Here are of a few of them.

Laptop Peripherals

If you work in a job that requires a lot of moving around (such as journalism or professional photography), there is a high chance that you'll frequently need to add peripherals to your machine. That could mean connecting to a printer, inserting your SD card, using a HDMI cable, or saving data onto a USB stick.

Most tablets don't offer that luxury.


Tablets simply don't offer the same level of storage that a laptop can provide. Most modern laptops start at a minimum of 250 GB of capacity, whereas as high-end tablets will top out at around 64 GB.

Disc Drives

CDs and DVDs are slowly dying, but they're not dead yet.

If you work in a company, you'll come across CDs on a near-daily basis, either as you install software, load vendor presentations, or take video imagery to conferences and events. Even from a personal perspective, they can be useful: you can watch DVDs on long trips and burn music for listening to in the car.

Don't forget about feature-packed modern laptops that are good for gamers and sometimes are better than desktops! If you are going to sell one, you can make good money on your device.

Would You Ever Dump Your Laptop?

We've only shown you a glimpse into how easy it is to replace your laptop with other devices and services. The truth is: we are moving into a post-PC age. For people who only check Facebook and watch YouTube, there are better options out there.

Even if you need more computing power than a simple tablet, a laptop probably isn't the only one choice. The cost of buying both a desktop and a tablet is not much different from only buying a laptop. Keep it in mind when selling a laptop from Amazon or any other platform, and remember about what the client really needs.

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